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Congressional Delegates Tour Ohmsett 
On April 17, 2015, four congressional staff members toured Ohmsett. The visitors included; Clayton Allen of the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee, Devin Helfirch of Senator Allen Lowenthal's office and the Sustainable Energy Committee, John Seale of Representative Steve Scalise's office, and Matt Schafle of the House Natural Resource Committee. During the visit, Paul Meyer, BSEE Ohmsett manager presented a summary of the Oil Spill Preparedness Division's research projects, and led a tour of the test basin, wave generator, and storm remediation and mitigation projects. Ohmsett Senior Test Engineer Alan Guarino provided them with an overview of the facility's oil spill response research, testing, and training capabilities, and a dispersant demonstration in the oil/water chemistry lab.

Ohmsett Dispersant Evaluation Results Presented at the 2015 Interspill Conference in Amsterdam
From March 24-26 the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and Ohmsett participated in the Interspill 2015 Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Timothy Steffek, BSEE Research Specialist, spoke at the March 24th Dispersant Issues session, which reviewed best practices
of dispersant application in difficult environments. Steffek presented his
research on how various dispersant products could perform in harsh arctic
conditions, which was conducted at the Ohmsett. Click here for the paper.

In addition, Ohmsett staff manned a booth on the exhibit floor providing
visitors with information on Ohmsett's mission to increase oil spill response
capability through independent and objective performance testing of equip-

Interspill is hosted by the Spill Response Group Holland and controlled by a number of European spill industry associations. The conference, held every three years, hosts over 1,300 delegates, visitors and exhibitors from over 70 countries.

Ohmsett/BSEE Hosts High School Students as Part of Youth Initiative
As part of the US Department of the Interior’s commitment to bridging the gap between young people and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Ohmsett and BSEE hosted local high school students during the 2014 Clean Gulf conference in San Antonio, Texas. Seniors from Brackenridge High School’s advanced placement environmental science class were invited as guests of Ohmsett and BSEE during the first day of the conference.

During the daylong activity students had the opportunity to attend
the keynote address and speak with representatives from
different government agencies. Experts with BSEE’s
Oil Spill
Preparedness Division explained their roles and how the bureau
uses the Ohmsett facility for research and advancement of oil spill
response technologies. Students were able to ask questions before
heading to the Exhibit Hall for more interaction with industry

Skimmers Tested to ASTM Standards
The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has initiated the testing of stationary skimmer systems owned by BSEE and the U.S. Coast Guard. Skimmers will be tested at Ohmsett in multiple oil types to determine Oil Recovery Rate (ORR) and Oil Recovery Efficiency (ORE) using the ASTM F2709 Standard Test Method for Determining Nameplate Recovery Rate of Stationary Oil Recovery Skimmer Systems guidelines. The ASTM test is to give an indication of best possible performance of skimming systems in calm conditions. Results of the tests will be compared to skimmers' Nameplate Capacity; the number currently used to characterize skimmer performance.

The Daily Planet Features Cold Water Dispersant Research At Ohmsett
Ohmsett was featured on Discovery Channel Canada's program The Daily Planet. The segment highlights the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Cold Water Dispersant project where researchers examined the effects of dispersants on Alaskan crude oil in cold water.

Diminishing Slick Testing of Skimmers
During the months of March and May 2016, BSEE and Ohmsett personnel conducted independent performance testing of two oleophiic skimming systems to better understand the relationship between Oil Recovery Rates and Recovery Efficiencies in varying oil slick thicknesses. 

ASTM F2709, the standard for testing the performance of stationary skimmers in calm water conditions, calls for testing in 3-2 inches of oil in order to create the ideal conditions necessary to measure a skimming system's maximum performance. However, in an actual oil spill it is likely that a skimmer will be operating in a thinner range of oil thicknesses. In this test series, a drum and disc skimmer were tested to ASTM F2709, as well as in various other oil slick thicknesses ranging from 2-inchs to 1/8-inch using a standard refined test oil.

This series of experiements is the first of its kind and represents a continuation of basic research data associated with quantifying skimmer performance with varying test parameters.

BSEE/NOAA Joint Study to Measure Oil Slicks and Emulsions 
During two weeks in July 2016, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) conducted a study of multiple sensing systems at Ohmsett. The study was to compare and determine how each of the systems detects, monitors and measures  oil slicks and emulsions in the marine environment.

During the study, emulsified oil was viewed in the tank from various angles and heights with remote sensor systems mounted to the main bridge, an unmanned aerial vehicle, fixed winged aircraft and a helicopter. In addition, three satelites were equipped with remote sensors to capture space-based observations.

Ohmsett to Exhibit at the International Oil Spill Conference
Prevent. Prepare. Respond. Restore. Discover the testing, training and research opportunities at Ohmsett while attending this year's International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC) May 15-18, 2017 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California. Our staff will be in booth 1004 on the exhibit floor providing visitors with information on Ohmsett's mission to increase oil spill response capabilities through independent and objective performance testing of equipment.

The IOSC  provides a vital forum for professionals from the international spill response community, private sector, government, and non-governmental organizations to come together to tackle the greatest challenges facing us with sound science, practical innovation, global research, and imagination. Stop by the Ohmsett booth 1004, to discuss how we can help you with your testing, training, and research needs in a simulated marine environment. For more detailed information call 732-866-7285.

Oil Spill Response Strategies & Tactics Training
Training at Ohmsett takes the learning from the classroom, to the 2.6 million gallon wave/tow tank.  That's where students receive hands-on training with the latest spill response equipment and techniques used in the field.

With emphasis on practical experience in full-scale oil recovery operations in the Ohmsett tank, studens can increase their proficiency using boom and skimmers while practicing removing spilled oil.  The combined classroom/tank exercise training provides response teams the skills to work more safely, operate more effectively, and make better decisions in the field. 

The course is presented in partnership with Texas A&M University National Spill Control School (NSCS) and will be offered August 14-17, 2018.  At the competion of the course, students will receive an NSCS Certificate of Completion. Register by July 31, 2018. 

Elementary School TAG Students Tour Ohmsett
On May 16, 2017 a group of very bright third grade students from the Talented and Gifted Program at Menlo Park Elementary School in Edison, New Jersey visited Ohmsett to learn about oil spills. As part of their Engineering curriculum, the students are studying "A Slick Solution - Oil Spill Cleanup Engineering" where they are focusing on the understanding of different cleanup approaches, including hands-on experiments in the classroom using different cleaning materials.

High School Vision Program Students Visit Ohmsett
On June 1. 2017 a group of students from the Vision Program at Middletown High School in New Jersey visited Ohmsett to gain an understanding of the various opportunities in the trades that are available to those who are not pursuing college studies.

Wisconsin High School National Science Bowl Team Tours Ohmsett
On August 18, 2017 four talented students from the Marshfield
Wisconsin High School who competed in the National Ocean
Science Bowl toured Ohmsett.  The team came in 2nd place out
of 392 high school teams, representing 33 states, competing to
 test their knowledge of ocean-related topics.  During the facility
tour, they learned about the capabilities and the variety of tests performed at Ohmsett.  The tour included demonstrations of how technology such as skimmers and dispersants are used by oil spill responders during recovery operations, and how we generate
various types of waves used during testing.

Ohmsett Staff to Exhibit at Clean Gulf 2017 in Houston, Texas
Ohmsett will be exhibiting at the Clean Gulf Conference & Exhibition December 5-7, 2017 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. Clean Gulf delivers solutions for spill prevention, preparedness and response.  It brings together all parties responsible for response operations from North America and beyond to hear best practices and build relationships vital to successful response operations.  On the exhibit floor, participants will be able to view new products and solutions from a variety of companies.

Ohmsett will be in Booth 523 providing visitors with information on Ohmsett's mission to increase oil spill response capabilities through independent and objective performance testing of equipment.  Make sure to stop by Booth 523 to discuss your testing requirements .

U.S. Coast Guard Cadets Tour Ohmsett
On April 3, 2018 cadets from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy stopped by Ohmsett for a tour. During the visit, Ohmsett Facility Manager John Delia conducted a presentation on the types of research and testing conducted at the facility, followed by a tour of the test tank. The cadets then assembled in the high bay where Test Engineer Alan Guarino demonstrated how dispersants can be used in spill response.

Ohmsett Staff to Exhibit at the Clean Pacific Conference & Exhibiton
Ohmsett will exhibit at the Clean Pacific Conference & Exhibition June 19-21, 2018 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR.  Clean Pacific will focus on spill prevention and response for oil and hazardous materials in the marine and inland environment. Stakeholders from government, environmental, emergency planning and emergency response industries will come together to discuss lessons-learned, hear best practices, and view new products and solutions from a wide-variety of companies.

Ohmsett will be in Booth 213 on the exhibit floor providing visitors with information on Ohmsett's mission to increase oil spill response capabilities through independent and objective performance testing of equipment and providing realistic training for response personnel.  As our special guest, we have arranged for you to attend the Clean Pacific Exhibition at no cost!. Take advantage of this offer by registering online using the VIP code EXHFP18.  Make sure to stop by Booth 213 to discuss your testing and training requirements .